Internet Services

Tech Specs

All packages include unlimited downloading and uploading


Download speeds are maximum speeds;

they may vary & are not guaranteed.

Basic Standard Premium
Capacity Avg Availability 10Mbs-20Mbs Capacity Avg Availability 20Mbs-30Mbs Capacity Avg Availability 30Mbs-40Mbs
Speed Avg RTT 15ms Speed Avg RTT 15ms Speed Avg RTT 15ms
Sustained up  3Mbs Sustained up 5Mbs Sustained up 10Mbs
Sustained Down  5Mb

Sustained Down

7Mbs Sustained Down 10Mbs
Enhanced monitoring services do not apply to these services. For example we do not know or can know if you are experiencing an issue with a connection if a service ticket has not been generated by a Wletc representative. A phone call to 501-318-1300 or an email to will generate a ticket.
Depending on location and type of radio system installed will vary the specifications. Wletc will not install unless these specs can be met near or above standards.